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Give A'Dam. Here's how

Wanna make a difference and travel sustainably in Amsterdam?

Here’s how you can create a sweet spot where our city and its citizens can thrive while travellers like you and future generations can enjoy an authentic Amsterdam experience. 

#1 - Where you stay matters

These days, Amsterdam has a groovy and growing number of sustainable accommodations. From the eco-sexy Jakarta Hotel with its lush indoor tropical gardens to the casual-chic Conscious Hotels, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top picks of eco-friendly hotels in Amsterdam. 

#2 - Get around carbon-free

Biking is king in Amsterdam. Do like we locals do and hop on a bike (if you dare)! We recommend renting from Amsterdam’s biggest bike rental chain, Black Bikes. With 19 locations across Amsterdam alone, you can get around like a breeze with their “hop-on and drop-off’ service. Mention “Who is Amsterdam” when you book and get 10% off your bike rental. Alternatively, if biking is not up your alley, you can travel by foot, tram or train.

#3 - Respect the local community

Amsterdam is cosy. Space comes in limited supply. Stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures is not a great idea — especially for cyclists around you. Think about the locals when you move through our city. And if you choose to bike, ask the bike rental staff to explain our rules to you.

#4 - Visit off-season

Spring and summer are beautiful times to visit, but it’s also peak season in Amsterdam. So beat the crowds and enjoy fall and winter instead. It’s just as beautiful, quieter, and prices are lower. So that means more breathing space for locals and money in your pocket. Find out when’s the best time to visit Amsterdam and what to do during each season.

#5 - Hit the city centre in the morning

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan village that’s best enjoyed when it’s tranquil. So we recommend exploring our city centre in the morning, especially De Jordaan neighbourhood where you can find narrow canals, picturesque houses and streets with a distinct Jordanese culture. In the afternoon, join a small-group boat tour to escape the crowd and enjoy our beautiful city on water.

#6 - Travel beyond the city centre

Think Amsterdam is all about the Canal Belt and the Red Light District? Think again. There’s so much more to Amsterdam than the typical. Consider visiting other neighbourhoods like the industrial-cool Amsterdam North. Or explore Europe’s biggest day market in Amsterdam South and enjoy a self-guided food tour.  Alternatively, join a small-group tour and explore our beautiful countryside.

# 7- Choose local tours with a difference

Seek out authentic local experiences that practice some form of sustainability. For example, our award-winning Who is Amsterdam walking tour lets you connect with locals who embody Amsterdam’s most famous topics. Not only are you injecting money back into our local economy, you’re also preserving the cultural heritage of Amsterdam. Browse our curated collection of Amsterdam’s best experiences you can’t miss.

#8 - Respect the planet

Say goodbye to single-use plastic, safe water and energy. One of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic and consumption of single-use products is to pack a reusable water bottle. The tap water quality in Amsterdam is top-notch, so you can save the environment and your money all at once.

#9 - Shop local and sustainable

Amsterdam has a thriving vintage shop culture. Go trinket-shopping at Amsterdam’s oldest flea market, Waterlooplein Market. For sustainable upcycled souvenirs, there’s the Upcycle near the Old Church. For a curated collection of Amsterdam-made gifts, the Maker Store in De Hallen has plenty.

#10 - Eat sustainable

Amsterdam is a haven for those who want to eat well and do good. Restaurants like De Kas, Cafe de Ceuvel and De Kantoor focus on homegrown and organic produce and ingredients, just to name a few. Every Saturday, wander around Noordermarkt, the first organic farmer’s market in Amsterdam that’s been around since 1987.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to travel sustainably in Amsterdam like a pro, we’ve got you covered with our curated collection of Amsterdam’s best authentic and alternative experiences.

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Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

From €629 | 4 hours | all-inclusive | 8 persons tops

Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

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Private Interactive Boat Tour
Private Interactive Boat Tour

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Private Craft Beer Tour
Private Craft Beer Tour

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Craft Beer Tour
Craft Beer Tour

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De Pijp Self-Guided Food Tour
De Pijp Self-Guided Food Tour

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