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7 best Amsterdam food markets to visit

Ready to eat? Bring it on

Appetizing Amsterdam

Whether you’re a local or visitor, food markets are always a joy to go to take in some local culture. It’s the perfect excuse to while away the afternoon or kick off your morning with some delicious street food, souvenir and grocery shopping, and rub shoulders with local vendors — there’s never a dull moment. 

That said, a trip to an Amsterdam food market is a must. Not only is it your answer to the age-old question ‘What should I eat in Amsterdam?’, it’s also the perfect example of how incredibly international Amsterdam is. Traditional Dutch favourites like freshly made stroopwafels aside, you can sink your teeth into a world of flavours: it’s a baffling buffet of our city’s diversity. 

Enjoy our list of the best food markets in Amsterdam. 

Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam  | Mon – Sat from 9 am to 5 pm

The Albert Cuyp Market has been around since 1905 and it’s Amsterdam’s most famous market for a reason – It’s Europe’s biggest day market and it has everything . From clothing to cookware, flowers to furniture, even naughty chocolate, it’s got everything you need at very affordable prices. It’s situated in De Pijp, Amsterdam’s Latin Quarter that’s got a ton of trendy shops, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy and rest your legs after all that shopping.

Perhaps the best thing about the Albert Cuyp Market is THE FOOD. De Pijp neighbourhood is home to a whopping 150 nationalities! On the market, you can find a world of flavours – Japanese curry rice, Lebanese wraps, Korean fried chicken nestled in a steamed bun, you name it! It’s a feast. But if trying local food is your jam, you’re in luck. Some of the very best traditional Dutch and ethnic dishes can be found right here at the Albert Cuyp Market.


If you’re a curious foodie, our self-guided Amsterdam Foodie Tour is your no-B.S guide to Amsterdam’s quintessential street food. Think the best stroopwafels of the Netherlands, fresh herring, Amsterdam’s best mini pancakes (poffertjes), etc. You’ll also get exclusive tastings and discounts, as well as the scoop behind the food and our local food heroes, plus restaurant recommendations for the rest of your stay.

If a guided experience is what you’re looking for, the Hungry Birds are the pioneers of food tours in Amsterdam and they know how to feed! You’ll taste the most complete selection of Amsterdam’s best street food — from Gouda cheeses to a Michelin-guide cookie — and be well taken care of by a caring ‘Mother Bird’. Come hungry.



Noordermarkt 42B, 1015 NA Amsterdam | Opening times: Sat from 9 am to 4 pm

Love organic produce and all-things homegrown and homemade? Then Noordermarkt is for you. This farmers market takes place every Saturday, and it’s one of our favourite food markets in Amsterdam. It’s a heaven for foodies, and it’s situated on a beautiful square in the middle of Amsterdam’s most beautiful district, the Jordaan.

It started as a pottery market selling utensils and hardware back in 1623 (Rembrandt himself was apparently a regular). Throughout the years, it morphed into what it is today: one of the oldest organic farmers’ markets in Amsterdam. It was even named the Best Market of Amsterdam in 2018 by a local paper. You can find a wide selection of seasonal and organic produce from the farmers and makers. Art lovers and fashionistas, rejoice! It also offers a range of antiques, curiosities, paintings, art-house movies and second-hand clothing.


The Noordermarkt attracts an eclectic mix of people, so the atmosphere is always convivial and lively. Compared to the Albert Cuyp Market, there are fewer food stalls. But if you love shopping for fresh produce and artisanal food like cheeses, truffle oils and sauces, we can’t recommend it enough. Besides, you get to support and banter with our local farmers and makers.

On Saturday, the nearby Lindenmarket is also open, which means you can hit two markets at once. Love apple pie? Just next to the market are  Cafe Winkel 43 and Cafe Papeneiland where you can enjoy a slice of Amsterdam’s best apple pie (it’s a toss-up, your call!). One of Amsterdam’s best shopping districts, “Negen Straatjes” (Nine Streets), is also just around the corner.


Eerste Van Swindenstraat 86, 1093 GJ Amsterdam | Opening times: Mon – Sat from 9 am to 5 pm

Dappermarkt may not be as well-known as other street markets in Amsterdam, but it should be. In fact, it was voted the Best Market of the Netherlands and one of the Top 10 Shopping Streets in the World by the National Geographic Traveller! Located in Amsterdam Oost (East), a neighbourhood populated by communities from Suriname, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, you can find a wide variety of global cuisines, as well as bargain buys with many products starting at just 1 EUR.

What originated as a small weekly neighbourhood market in 1910 has exploded into a 250-stall strong market ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, fresh produce and exotic foods. Part of the appeal of this market is the continual rotation of vendors. Every day, new vendors with exciting products pop up. What’s more, Amsterdam Oost is an exciting neighbourhood that’s home to fantastic ethnic restaurants, trendy bars and Amsterdam’s first microbrewery, Brouwerij’t IJ. Definitely worth a visit and prepared to be surprised.

Ten Katemarkt and Food Hallen

Ten Katemarkt: Ten Katestraat 34, 1053 CC Amsterdam | Opening times: Mon -Sat from 9 am to 6 pm

Foodhallen: Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam | Opening times: Daily from 12 pm – 11 pm and 12 am on Fri and Sat

In Amsterdam West is the cozy Ten Katemarkt that’s been around since 1912. It boasts 50+ stalls filling both sides of the Kinkerstraat. What makes this one of the best food markets in Amsterdam is the variety of international foods available, like scrumptious Taiwanese street food and a mind blowing hummus selection from spicy mango to grilled veggies.

We love to combine our Ten Katemarkt visit with a visit to the Foodhallen. This hip indoor food market is located in De Hallen, which began as a tram storage location. Opened in 2014, it features around 20 international food stalls offering delicious high-end culinary stands, some of which were set up by Michelin starred chefs. On weekends, live music makes for a festive vibe.


Jacob Obrechtstraat, Johannes Verhulststraat, 1071 MR Amsterdam | Opening times: Sat from 9.30 am to 5 pm

ZuiderMRKT is a personal favourite. It’s an intimate market where you can slip in and instantly feel like a local. Why? For starters, this weekly market is community-based. Local residents, instead of farmers, take over some of the stalls to sell fresh produce purchased from the farmers, alongside Amsterdam’s artisans. It’s a co-op-style market that leaves the community in a better place. By banding together, it creates a completely different atmosphere in which locals can get to know their neighbours and visitors feel welcomed.

Quality-wise, it’s as fresh as fresh can be and a true treat. Basically, it’s Amsterdam’s greatest hits at a market when it comes to delicatessen items. You can get fresh flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables, bread, olive oils, delicious meats from Amsterdam’s favourite sausage makers, Brandt & Levie, cheeses from Eriks Delicatessen. Prepared food-wise, there are pancakes, Indonesian food, quiches, homemade spreads and baked goods, etc. Oh, and wine tasting. If you’re lucky, fresh homemade cookies from a local resident. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re in the museum district.

Sunday Market

Gosschalklaan, Pazzanistraat 7, 1014 DC Amsterdam | Opening times: First Sunday of the month from 12 pm to 6 pm

If Amsterdam had to vote for the most creative and hip market, that’d be it! We simply love the Sunday Market. Unfortunately, it only takes place on the first Sunday of each month but it offers great opportunities to shop for art, design and fashion. It also attracts some amazing food trucks offering all kinds of delicious food.

Another thing that we love is that it takes place in one of our favourites parks, Westerpark. Usually, there’s also live music, and you can also explore some of the great indoor and outdoor cafes of Westerpark. The Sunday Market is perfect if you want to get your family some personal, handcrafted items/souvenirs by young Dutch and Amsterdam designers.

Final bites

So there you have it! Our selection of best food markets in Amsterdam blends flavours, cuisines, traditions and trends together to create the perfect platter of this beautiful city we live in. By visiting the food markets, you’re able to peek into the lives of the amazing locals that live here and immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s culture through new food experiences at each Amsterdam market. So go and explore, treat yourself to something good. Our Amsterdam self-guided food tour is a great way to start.

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