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Covid-related questions 

Covid-related questions

Luckily, we’re back to normal at the moment

But clarity is king. Click on the “+” icon for the answers.

What are the requirements for travelling to Amsterdam?

We understand travel is tricky these days. Get all the answers about travelling to the Netherlands during Covid here.

What are the current Covid measures in Amsterdam?

What happens if I have to cancel my trip before departure due to Covid?

If you’ve booked an experience with us, here’s our cancellation policy until further notice:

  • Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to this experience receive a full refund
  • Cancellations made 48 hours or less prior to this experience require the guest to pay for the experience in full, and no refund will be issued.

For all experiences booked with our partners, please contact them using the contact details in your booking confirmation email.

What happens if I feel unwell and I'm unable to join a booked experience?

For bookings with us, the same cancellation policy applies.

For bookings done via our partners, please contact them for more details.

Where can I get tested in Amsterdam if I experience Covid symptoms in Amsterdam?

If you feel unwell, you can get tested with GGD Amsterdam.

About us & our handpicked partners 

About us and our handpicked partners

Of course you wanna know what you’re in for

From the Who, What, How to our Why. Simply click on the “+” icon to get the answers.

What's with the name "Who is Amsterdam"?

We asked ourselves, “What is Amsterdam made of?” It’s the people. This is why we focus on the Who, not just the What. Learn more about how and why we started.

What is it all about?

We see ourselves as matchmakers — connecting locals who do great things with conscious travellers like you.

Like other global cities, Amsterdam faces the immense challenge of mass tourism. So we decided to take matters into our own hands — a travel platform 100% powered by locals.

We handpicked our city’s best experiences with a personal touch and sustainable edge. We also create content that helps travellers discover how to enjoy a great time in Amsterdam while doing good. Find out if we’re a match.

How do you pick your partners?

We select our partners with great care based on our set of 5 sustainable criteria. Each one checks at least 4 of them.

All of them are local pioneers who are the best in their fields. We invite them to join our community personally. This is why you’ll only find one from each category (for example, a street food tour, an interactive boat tour, etc).

Are you an affiliate?

The answer is yes and we only endorse what we love. No hidden fees and favoritism.

But it’s more than just an affiliate program. We’re building a community of sustainable local travel businesses.

It’s good to know that we don’t charge our partners any fees for promoting them. It’s a trust-based and transparent model we believe in. We choose the best experiences for travellers like you. And we only get paid when you book from them.

Are you related to iAmsterdam?

It may sound like the answer to our brand name, but no, we’re not exactly their ambassadors. However, we’re an official partner of their extensive network called amsterdam&partners.

We’re also the sole provider of tours on their iAmsterdam City Card as what we do is completely in line with their vision of attracting cultural visitors. We’re proud to have been invited to brainstorm with them and to contribute to a better Amsterdam.

About our experiences

About our experiences

Let’s get you sorted

From bookings to the nitty gritty. Simply click on the “+” icon to get the answers.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my booking?

For our original experiences, we handle all the bookings, transactions and queries. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

For experiences by our partners, they handle their own bookings. If you have questions, please reach out to them using the contact details in your booking confirmation email.

Why is there a 6% booking fee for some experiences?

Some of our partners, like us, work with a local booking platform called FareHarbour which powers more than 15,000 tour operators globally. The 6% fee goes towards Fareharbor for handling all transactions and bookings.

For the experiences that don’t include the 6% booking fee, our partners work with different booking platforms with their own transactional fees.

Why isn't there a discount for all private experience?

As affiliates, we use promo codes to track the sale of some experiences. So oftentimes, you end up with a sweet deal. But not everyone can afford to offer discounts. Amsterdam is an expensive city.

What makes you different from other platforms?

Even though global platforms like AirBnB are increasingly local-focused and review-driven from the get-go, they’re not directly on the ground nor local experts. So it was time to take matters into our own dam hands.

What makes us different is that we as a local travel company curate and review our peers. And our focus is on Amsterdam’s best local independent businesses with a sustainable edge. By doing that, we’re providing travellers like you a one-stop-shop to experience the real Amsterdam in a conscious way that’s good for our city, our fellow Amsterdammers and picky travellers like you.

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Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

From €629 | 4 hours | all-inclusive | 8 persons tops

16 August, 2021 in Privately guided, You May Also Like
Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

€85 | 4 hours | 8 persons tops

16 August, 2021 in Guided, Highlighted, You May Also Like
Private Interactive Boat Tour
Private Interactive Boat Tour

From €230 | Starts from 90 minutes | 10 persons tops

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De Pijp Self-Guided Food Tour
De Pijp Self-Guided Food Tour

Starts from €12,50 | 1 hour | Food not included

Sex and Strip Club Tour
Sex and Strip Club Tour

€21 | 1 hour | 20 persons tops

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De Jordaan Self-Guided Food Tour
De Jordaan Self-Guided Food Tour

Starts from €12,50 | Approx. 2 – 2.5 hours | Deals on Food Specials

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