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Experience Amsterdam through the lens of legends

Goodbye, patriarchy.

Meet Elyzabeth, the founder of Badass Tours. And say hello to the badass women who shaped Amsterdam.

€ 40 (adult), €30 (youth under 18)
# of sites: 11
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Who is Elyzabeth?

Elyzabeth is a writer and research junkie with a passion for details. Originally from the US, she’s an award-winning theatre director and dramaturg, as well as a compelling storyteller. Her focus? Stories about the history of women, the LGBTQ population, and other marginalized groups.

What's This Experience About?

Elyzabeth takes you to special sites in historic Amsterdam to tell stories of individual women who fought, wrote, calculated, and led to chart their course through Amsterdam’s chaotic and complicated past. Join her on this journey and celebrate the badass women who made waves in Amsterdam and beyond.

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I was so impressed by Elyzabeth’s immense knowledge of history! She captured our attention for over an hour, and we had a blast learning about badass women throughout Dutch history. I can’t recommend this tour enough.”

– Ignacio G

This tour is a hidden gem full of unique tales of some Badass Women of Amsterdam history. You won’t find these women in every history, but Elyzabeth’s love of history means she has verified it all. And her passion behind it all comes through as she relays the stories, ensuring that these women get their due. Highly recommend, especially if you want a tour that is not your average tourist experience.”

– Meeshka P

“Elyzabeth’s badass women tour is great! We walked around a part of the city we may not have otherwise and saw historical architecture we definitely wouldn’t have known to look at. Elyzabeth is genuine and a tremendous wealth of knowledge. She brought life to the stories she told, and highlighted the influence and strength of notable women in Amsterdam’s past. She’s friendly and easy to talk to. We had fun and are grateful for the experience.”


– Mel S

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WIA Family

In this Tiktok era, it’s rare to find someone who cares to research. When we first met Elyzabeth, we knew she had something special going on. A story here, a story there. Deep dives into the murky waters of Amsterdam’s history through fascinating stories of marginalized individuals. The way she talked about them made us feel like she knew them personally. Shea, her partner, would chime in with laser-sharp focus and thoughtful commentary. Oh, did we mention he’s a UX designer for Badass Tours? With Elyzabeth’s compelling storytelling abilities and Shea’s design smarts — above all, their love for Amsterdam with all its good, bad and ugly — we’re proud to say these badasses are part of our clan.

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Reach out to Elyzabeth via email.

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