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Amsterdam SELF-GUIDED food tour

Hidden food gems and untold stories of ‘De Jordaan’ area.

Great mood.
Local food.
Packaged into pure joy.

The Jordaan self-guided food tour is a celebration of community and creativity, where every flavour tells a vibrant story.

FREE FOR GO-PASS CITY CARD HOLDERS (additional food costs €25 EUR p/p)
Exclusive deals and tastings
Modest housing for Dutch workers developed in the 17th century - nowadays one of the most sought after residential neighborhoods in Amsterdam

What's it All About?

Say hello to Amsterdam’s most picturesque area — De Jordaan — and taste the neighbourhood’s iconic food specials – at your own pace.

Bring your appetite! Sink your teeth into an amazing presidential apple pie, a locally famous “Jordanese” meatball sandwich, delicious sausages from a legendary butcher shop and authentic Dutch cheeses. Simply follow your easy-to-navigate self-guided foodie tour and visit 7 beloved local foodie stops. At 6 of them, you get to enjoy special tastings and discounts.

But that’s not all. Learn about this special neighbourhood and our local heroes, a bite and story at a time. And boy, De Jordaan has tales to tell. You can only call yourself a true “Jordanees” if you’re born there. Gentrification has hit this area hard, but the Jordanees folks remain and are still around. And you’ll meet a few of them: our local food heroes.

Book now and immerse yourself into this authentic culinary adventure as you uncover the hidden food gems and untold stories of De Jordaan – the most picturesque district of the Netherlands.

Be your own guide

  • Enjoy Amsterdam’s best traditional Dutch delicacies from family-owned businesses 
  • Exclusive tastings and discounts at 6 food stops – you pay for your food at each food stop, in total +/- 25 EUR p/p
  • Google Maps links to help you get around like a pro
  • Stories about our local food heroes
  • Neighborhood PDF-guide about Jordaan and its history
  • Restaurant recommendations for the rest of your stay
  • A free 72-hour Amsterdam itinerary

Wanna Know More?

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How does this work?

This is a self-guided food tour. Once you’ve booked your time slot, you’ll get a booking confirmation email with a link to download your PDF guide. The guide contains all the addresses with clickable Google Maps links. Simply flash your individual PDF guide on your phone to get exclusive deals and discounts at 6 places.

Is this an all-inclusive food tour? What's included?

The prices for the food specials are not included in the Tour price. This is a PDF guide that takes you to 7 local establishments in the Jordaan neigborhood, filled with the stories behind the establishments and the food you’ll taste. Order according to our recommendation at each stop and pay as you go. What’s more? Tidbits about the neighborhood of De Jordaan, as well as restaurant recommendations and Amsterdam highlights for the rest of your stay.

How much does the food cost?

After some cool discounts and deals, the total bill is around 25 EUR p/person. For real.

What's on the menu?

If you must know, it’s a beautiful collection of Jordaan’s traditional (take-away) foods. Starting with the most famous meatball in the district, delicious cheese tasting at the best Jordaan store, followed by Amsterdam’s most famous ice cream, a selection of best Dutch sausages, apple pie Amsterdam is proud of, herring and kibbeling (fried cod), and a slider by renowned local chef. Come hungry.

Can I buy one copy for the entire family?

In this day and age, you can easily share it with your entire clan with a simple click. But do us a favor. We’re an independent local business, just like the ones that you’ll support during this experience. Be a pal. Traveling in a group? We have a sweet deal for 2/3 persons or more. The more people buy, the bigger discount you get. Don’t be cheeky, simply get a family discount.

Can I do this tour if I don't have data on my phone?

You absolutely need data to get around. Every stop comes with Google Maps directions, so you can navigate your way around easily. And make sure your phone is all charged and juiced up!

How many stops are there?

You’ll hit up around 7 foodie stops. All of them are beloved mom-and-pop shops, an authentic, local, iconic brand that’s swept the nation by storm for generations. You’ll meet the family business that has a client coming for more than 100 years.

How much walking is involved and how long would it take?

The total walking time is a cool 30 minutes, but this experience done in its entirety will take you around 2 – 2,5 hours. The local mom-and-pop shops we’ve selected are beloved local establishments so you might need to wait at certain places. Plus, devouring the stories, ordering and waiting take time. But trust us, the food is worth the wait! De Jordaan is a picturesque and charming neighborhood. Walk around, take a look and explore the narrow alleys of this district. There’s much to discover.

Are the stores always open?

Even God needs a break, so no. Sometimes, our local food heroes go on vacation, just like the rest of us. Around 6 stops will always be open. But bear in mind that the opening times are subject to change.

I'm a vegetarian / vegan. Can I join?

Vegetarians, rejoice! We have veggie options for all stops except for two (fish and meat). Vegans, we’re sorry. This country runs on butter and eggs.

Which language is this in?

It’s exclusively in English.

Can I do few stops on one day and the rest on the other?

We recommend to do all stops in one day to have full experience, but we understand that sometimes you can’t try all food and want to split it. So yes, you can split it for few days, but please keep in mind that after booking you get a time slot, and if you split there is a high chance that when you come next day place can be booked with other visitors.

Help! I can't find the answer to my question.

No sweat. Reach out to us right here.

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