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Go beyond skin-deep and be surprised.

Meet Tours That Matter, the pioneers of Amsterdam’s first positive impact tour company.  They believe in using tourism as a tool for change — through inspiring stories in parts unknown.

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Who are Tours That Matter?

Tours that Matter was founded by three dedicated women: Berber, Katjalisa and Anouschka. Together, they have the vision, stories and community to reinvent the tourism industry and use it as a force for good. After years of working in the big tour business in Amsterdam, they realized tours had a bad rep. Why? Thanks to mass tourism and bad behaviour. So they took on the challenge and started to design tours about topics that matter to them, the different neighbourhoods and the city of Amsterdam. In 2019 Tours that Matter was born. It’s a tour company that exists to give back to Amsterdam and create a positive impact on the city.

What's This Experience About?

Experience the Amsterdam that lies beyond the typical! Explore new places and perspectives with like-minded travelers. Wanna know more about the unique values of Amsterdam, freedom, tolerance, diversity and counter-culture? Just choose the theme you wish to dive into! During each tour, a storyteller takes you to unique spaces in Amsterdam. The best part? Get ready to hear the local stories that matter you won’t find elsewhere.


Wanna Know More?

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“I really loved the tours, I feel like I learnt a lot and they were super engaging! The focus on the local community takes you away from the more touristy side of the Amsterdam and puts you right into the heart of many vibrant communities. The focus on social change is amazing and Berber is such a fun, amazing tour guide. I also really enjoyed being able to talk to different people throughout the tour and to learn more about what they do.”


– George Sebastian Hirjoaba

“We went on the Tolerance & Migration tour and learned so much from Berber! Exploring the east side was a treat, and we thought the tour was perfectly paced and very engaging. It was a great way to get an overview of the history of Amsterdam and the country’s responses to issues of racism and migration over the centuries. Plus, the tour ended at a market on the east side which we had so much fun exploring. There are lots of different topics of the tours from Tours that Matter, and we’d love to go on more next time we visit. Highly recommend exploring the city with Tours That Matter!”


– Laura B

“The Counterculture & Gentrification Tour by Berber was amazing. We spend about 2,5 hours walking around the very intriguing old shipyard (NDSM) of Amsterdam, that is full of surprising constructions, beautiful streetart, and most of all: many many fascinating stories. Fortunately we had Berber around, who knew way more than she could tell, bringing in her own sharp insights about the area in an eloquent and entertaining way. She was even part of the squatting movement herself, and interviewed many locals along the sights. All in all a great tour in a less touristy part of Amsterdam. Couldn’t recommend it more!


– Savagai

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WIA Family

Amsterdam is a village. We’re so glad to be introduced to Berber, Anouschka and Katjalisa through our mutual friend Rocco. One thing led to another. We ended up being a part of Reinvent Tourism — an exciting local movement led by Anouschka and her team. We found out we have lots in common. Our love for Amsterdam compels us to create change in our city in our ways. For us, it’s through building connections. For Berber, Anouschka and Katjalisa, it’s diving deep into the unheard stories of our diverse communities. Their fiery passion, infectious enthusiasm and audacity to talk about (sometimes) hard stuff inspire us. If there’s anyone who’s consistently at the forefront pushing boundaries to use tourism as a force for good, it’s them. That’s why we couldn’t be happier that these dynamic change-makers are part of our WIA family.


Got a Question?

Reach out to Berber, Anouschka and Katjalisa directly via email.

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