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Amsterdam SELF-GUIDED food tour



Feast on Amsterdam’s best street foods and discover Europe’s biggest day market in our cosy Latin Quarter. Do it all with this self-guided food tour — in under 2 hours.


FREE WITH Go Pass CARD – food not included
A Dutch stroopwafel maker selling his fresh stroopwafels at an Amsterdam market stand

What's it All About?

Say bye bye to tourist traps and taste the real deal. Sink your teeth into Amsterdam’s best traditional Dutch and ethnic street foods! Amsterdam’s best handmade stroopwafel, the nation’s favourite croquettes, delicious Japanese takoyaki balls and so much more! What’s more? Enjoy exclusive tastings and discounts at 7locations. And dig into the stories of our local food heroes and  Amsterdam’s street food culture.

This delicious Do-It-Yourself Foodie Tour is limited to one download per city card holder. Unlock your discounts by scanning your QR code of your Go Pass card at the first foodie stop. 

Book your time slot and enter your city card number by clicking on the button below.

Be Your Own Guide

  • Enjoy Amsterdam’s best traditional Dutch and ethnic street foods from 8 family-owned businesses
  • Exclusive tastings and discounts at 7 food stops – additional food costs approximately 20,- p/p
  • Google Maps links to help you get around
  • Stories about our local food heroes
  • Neighbourhood guide about De Pijp and the Albert Cuyp Market
  • Restaurant recommendations for the rest of your stay
  • A free 72-hour Amsterdam itinerary

Wanna Know More?

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How does this work?

This is a self-guided food tour. Once you’ve booked your time slot, you’ll get a booking confirmation email with a link to download your PDF guide. Read the instructions to get started. Make sure you scan the QR code of your Go Passcard with our local food hero at the first stop. Please ensure your iAmsterdam city card is valid during time of use.

Can I get one copy for the entire family?

If you’re enjoying this experience with other Go Pass card holders, please make sure everyone gets their cards scanned  by the friendly staff of the first location. Also make sure everyone has a copy of the PDF guide on their phones.

Is this an all-inclusive food tour? What's included?

The food is not included. This is a PDF guide that takes you to 6 – 8 family-owned businesses, filled with the stories behind the establishments and the food you’ll taste. Order according to our recommendation at each stop and pay as you go. What’s more? Tidbits about the neighbourhood and the Albert Cuyp Market, as well as restaurant recommendations for the rest of your stay.

How many stops are there?

We have 8 foodie stops in total. All of them are beloved local mom and pop shops, market stands and one iconic brand that’s swept the nation by storm since 1941 — and you’ll meet the first family that ever franchised the brand.

What's on the menu?

If you must know, it’s a spread of Amsterdam’s best traditional Dutch, Surinamese, Japanese and Israeli street foods. Starting with the nation’s favourite croquette (deep-fried ragout), followed by Suriname’s national celebratory dish, herring and kibbeling (fried cod), Amsterdam’s best poffertjes (baby pancakes) and stroopwafel (syrup waffle), delicious Japanese takoyaki balls, Israeli smoked meats and twice-fried fries with a special Dutch sauce combo. Come hungry.

How much does the food cost?

After some cool discounts and deals, the total bill is around 20 EUR. For real.

How much walking is involved and how long would it take?

The total walking time is a cool 10 minutes. Sure, you could zipline your way down the market and neighbourhood with your mouth wide open. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint. There are things to see, shops around you, plus devouring the stories, ordering and waiting time, etc. It’ll take you around 1,5 hours to 2 hours in total.

Are the stalls always open?

Even God needs a break, so no. Sometimes, our local food heroes go on vacation, just like the rest of us. But 6 stalls will always be open.

Can I do this tour if I don't have data on my phone?

This PDF guide contains links to Google Maps for all the foodie stops. Though these places are all really close to each other, we’d advise feeding your phone some data to get around with ease.

I'm a vegetarian / vegan. Can I join?

Vegetarians, rejoice! We have veggie options for all stops except for two (fish and meat). Vegans, we’re sorry. This country runs on butter and eggs.

Which language is this in?

It’s exclusively in English.

Help! I can't find the answer to my question.

No sweat. Reach out to us right here.

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