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Amsterdam's most local bike tour

Do as the locals do.

In Amsterdam, biking is a must. Meet Thijs, the creator of We Bike Amsterdam. Discover the real Amsterdam and its hidden spots and corners on wheels!


Who is Thijs?

Thijs is a local who loves his city. He started We Bike Amsterdam back in 2013 because he wanted to take travellers away from the tourist bubble and show them an authentic side of Amsterdam. From the start, they promised themselves to keep the experience small and to avoid the crowds. Why? Because they believe that small groups  are essential to experience a personal tour and to create a true connection with your guide and Amsterdam. And there’s no better way to experience this famous bike city than on wheels! Ride, learn, repeat!

What's This Experience About?

This intimate Amsterdam city bike tour takes you away from the touristy bubble and to hidden local gems. Enjoy biking through the city’s beautiful canal and museum districts, secret courtyards, the nation’s favourite neighbourhood and Amsterdam’s biggest park. Dive into hidden stories and Amsterdam trivia. Wanna bike like a local and discover the real Amsterdam on wheels? Then this experience is for you.

Wanna Know More?

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“Honestly a must if you don’t have the longest amount of time to explore everything in Amsterdam. Jasper the tour guide was funny and friendly, great with children and you cover so much ground around the city while learning about it’s history. Stopping off at the cafe half way through gives you an opportunity to meet and talk to your diverse group before setting off again for the last half. As I’ve said, absolutely wonderful experience, if you do one thing while in Amsterdam – make sure it’s this.”


– Tyler

“I had a wonderful time with We Bike Amsterdam. The tour guide, Jasper, was really friendly, approachable and welcoming. His tellings of Amsterdam history were compelling and highlighted the many things natives have to be proud of, in this city. I also liked how he didn’t try to paint Amsterdam as this place without flaws or contributions to tragic historical events. Thank you We Bike for the experience, I shall recommend it to my friends in future.”


– Turrell

Thijs was full of knowledge about the city, its history both distant and recent, and cultural information that we never would’ve picked up otherwise. The tour took us from the old, inner canals to newer ones, and outside the old city’s walls.


If you are looking for a great, efficient way to see the city and get an overview of what to look into in detail, I highly recommend this tour. There’s a reason it was rated the top tour in 2021!”


– Terence

WIA Family

We heard about Thijs and WeBike from our partners, Rachael from Brews & Tales Amsterdam Craft Beer Tours and the Hungry Birds who were already recommending them as their-go bike tour company in Amsterdam. Why? Because of their authenticity. So we reached out and connected with Thijs, and we immediately learned that we share the same views on tourism. What’s important to us? A personal connection to our guests and intentionally keeping our groups small as we’re aware of the impact that, especially, mass tourism has on Amsterdam. Like us, Thijs started WeBike to give visitors an alternative to the mainstream. That was music to our ears and exactly what our platform is about. WeBike focuses on bringing people off the beaten track because they trust their guests are smart enough to find Amsterdam’s main attractions. Again,  music to our ears. We connected, we laughed, and we shook hands to the beginning of our collaboration.

Got a Question?

Reach out to Thijs and his team directly via email.

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