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Explore Amsterdam's Historical Center on your own,

With a little help. From us.

We lead the way.
You choose the stories.

This self-guided tour experience uses audio, images, maps, and text to introduce you to the women, BIPOC, LGBT+, and Jewish people who made Amsterdam what it is. On your own. On your phone.

€ 10 PER person, € 20 for sharing on 4 phones
in your own pace – you have 2 weeks
no geo-location services needed – No downloads
12 sites
4 stories per site
Shea & Elyzabeth of Bad Ass Tours

Who are Elyzabeth & Shea?

Elyzabeth is a writer and research junkie with a passion for details. Originally from the US, she’s an award-winning theatre director and dramaturg, as well as a compelling storyteller. Her focus? Stories about the history of women, the LGBTQ population, and other marginalized groups.

Shea built a career in New York as an international producer with Blue Man Group. When he moved to Amsterdam, he pivoted to user-centered performances and technology. As a leader and designer, he aims to engage and empower people, to surprise and inspire them. They end up doing just the same for him.

What's This Experience About?

One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is explore it. We’ve created a different approach than a normal tour – a wonderful way to discover Amsterdam and the incredible people who made the city what it is. You get to choose one or several themes at every location. WHY?

A guided tour isn’t for everyone

For those who want to discover in their own pace and avoid difficulties of being part of a group tour. Sometimes you simply prefer to explore on your own. After booking our Tour, you have access to our online environment for two weeks to take it all in.

Each location starts with an overview. Then you can choose stories from our four badass themes from Amsterdam’s hidden history. Read as many as you like at each location – we even have a recommended story if you need help choosing. Just follow your interest!

Shea explains. In 60 seconds.

Wanna Know More?

Tap or hover on images for details

“What a joyful experience. I walked downtown by myself with my earphones and had a blast. Smiling form ear to ear, people in the streets even asked me why I was so cheerful. Especially the hidden stories placed at different locations, makes this tour not only immersive, but so educational.”


– Paul

WIA Family

In this Tiktok era, it’s rare to find someone who cares to research. When we first met Elyzabeth, we knew she had something special going on. A story here, a story there. Deep dives into the murky waters of Amsterdam’s history through fascinating stories of marginalized individuals. The way she talked about them made us feel like she knew them personally. Shea, her partner, would chime in with laser-sharp focus and thoughtful commentary. Oh, did we mention he’s a UX designer for Badass Tours? With Elyzabeth’s compelling storytelling abilities and Shea’s design smarts — above all, their love for Amsterdam with all its good, bad and ugly — we’re proud to say these badasses are part of our clan.

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