We founded Who is Amsterdam with a three-fold mission: to celebrate curiosity, foster community and create a better Amsterdam. 


We’re always asking ourselves: 


How can we do more to create a greater impact in our city?


How can we build a better connection between travellers and locals?


How can visitors have an epic time in Amsterdam and do good at the same time?


And we need to simultaneously, solve a couple of “issues”:


We live in an increasingly disconnected and divided world. Loneliness soared in Amsterdam and around the world, especially during the pandemic.


Before Covid, mass tourism overwhelmed Amsterdam’s city centre – and its citizens. So locals became more intolerant of tourists. 


Global travel titans that measure success by profit alone dominate the internet. The result? The highest bidder wins. Independent local businesses get left behind in the dust of algorithmic biases.

Our Approach

Who is Amsterdam – an inclusive local travel platform that puts people forward. We’re the “mom-and-pop shop” of travel platforms that’s committed to giving travellers like you fun, sustainable alternatives to the mainstream.

To us, success isn’t all about money in the bank. It’s also about the connections we create and the way we make our city a better place to live and visit.


How do we do that?

By connecting our local community of sustainable travel businesses with conscious globetrotters like you.

“Know the people, live the city.”

We're for you, if you....

Celebrate Curiosity

You travel to explore, get inspired and learn while having an epic time. Well, so do we! This is why our brand name is a question. To get you curious about the ones who make our city.

Travel to Connect

You believe that traveling is not a bunch of to-dos. It’s taking time to connect with locals. Learning about who they are and what makes them tick. We’re here to show you not just what you need to do, where you need to go, but who you need to meet.

Shop Local

You don’t settle for the cookie-cutter. And isn’t a warm, homemade cookie soooo much better? All our partners are our city’s finest homegrown businesses that practice some form of sustainability. Check out the criteria we created to select our partners.

Embrace Inclusivity

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your gender, beliefs, who you love, the colour of your skin and how much you have in your bank account. You believe that everyone deserves equal rights. We do, too! As members of the LGBTQ community from Poland and Singapore, we made Amsterdam our home because we finally found a place where we belong. So it’s our passion to help you feel at home in our city. All our partners champion inclusivity too, so you’re in good company. #yaaaassssqueen

At the End of the Day, it's Simple

Keep it real, sustainable and sexy. And have a dam good time doing it. Ready to discover the best of Amsterdam and the people behind them?


Then let’s get started.





Feel inspired?

Let us know when you come over. Mail us for our Award-Winning Private Walking Tour, sit down at the Gay monument with our Goodie food Box or take the DIY Food tour. Or simply browse through our selection of Finest Original Experiences.

Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Private Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

From €499 | 4 hours | all-inclusive | 8 persons tops

Amsterdam Photoshoot
Amsterdam Photoshoot

From €120 | 1 hour | Solo, couple and group portraits

Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour
Who is Amsterdam Walking Tour

€79 | 4 hours | 8 persons tops

Private Interactive Boat Tour
Private Interactive Boat Tour

From €230 | Starts from 90 minutes | 10 persons tops

Private Craft Beer Tour
Private Craft Beer Tour

From €499 | 3,5 hours | all-inclusive | 8 persons tops

Self-Guided Food Tour
Self-Guided Food Tour

€12,50 | 1 hour | Food not included

Craft Beer Tour
Craft Beer Tour

€89 | 3,5 hours | 8 persons tops

Interactive Boat Tour
Interactive Boat Tour

From €25 | 1,5 hours | 10 persons tops

Historical Treasure Hunt – Old Jewish District
Historical Treasure Hunt – Old Jewish District

€25 (adult) €15 (children 6 – 12) | 2 hours | 2 – 50 players

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