Unmask Amsterdam's layered PAST

Space out, lean in.

Meet Elyzabeth, the founder of Badass Tours. She created this experience especially for those who want to stay safe and hear stories that take your breath away.

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Who is Elyzabeth?

Elyzabeth is a writer and research junkie with a passion for details. Originally from the US, she’s an award-winning theatre director and dramaturg, as well as a compelling storyteller. Her focus? Stories about the history of women, the LGBTQ population, and other marginalized groups. This 2-hour storytelling walk combines all these topics and more.

What's This Experience About?

Forget canals and piles – Amsterdam is a city built on stories. Some of its most interesting, though, have been overlooked by history. On this socially distanced tour, stroll through the spacious Plantage neighbourhood and hear the untold stories of individuals who contributed to Amsterdam’s layered past that includes BIPOC and Jewish history. Dive deep and stay safe. You won’t regret it.

Wanna Know More?

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Elyzabeth is such a delight. Her tour was very educational, but also fun. You can tell that her theatre background really helps with storytelling and bringing all this history to life. I highly recommend it.”

– Missnolte

This was an awesome tour! Elyzabeth was super knowledgeable, she is a great and animated storyteller who made this tour very fun and a great experience in Amsterdam! She was great to chat with and learn more about her experience as well. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the city.”

– CJlarson10

“Walking around Amsterdam with Elyzabeth was a great experience and got me to look at the city and its people in a surprising way. Whether you’re visiting the city and want to know more about its history or when you think you know all about it (you don’t!), this tour is great for everybody :)”


– Ellen van Wijk

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WIA Family

In this Tiktok era, it’s rare to find someone who cares to research. When we first met Elyzabeth, we knew she had something special going on. A story here, a story there. Deep dives into the murky waters of Amsterdam’s history through fascinating stories of marginalized individuals. The way she talked about them made us feel like she knew them personally. Shea, her partner, would chime in with laser-sharp focus and thoughtful commentary. Oh, did we mention he’s a UX designer for Badass Tours? With Elyzabeth’s compelling storytelling abilities and Shea’s design smarts — above all, their love for Amsterdam with all its good, bad and ugly — we’re proud to say these badasses are part of our clan.

Got a Question?

Reach out to Elyzabeth via email.

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